Fantastic weather for annual walk in the park

The walkers in Horsham Park
The walkers in Horsham Park

Horsham Nursery School and Under 3s donned their sun hats and summer gear to undertake their annual sponsored walk around the park.

The event has been going for over 25 years and it is a real community event enjoyed by all.

The children stop at 11 checkpoints around the park collecting various objects with food and drink stops too.

This year Clare Vickers the outgoing chair of Horsham District council walked with us as she did last year.

She is the first chair to have done so twice during her term of office due to a hiccup last year with dates.

Headteacher Debbie Carter said: “It’s a great event and everybody joins in parents, grannies, grandpas, friends and governors too.

“It raises valuable funds for the nursery which this year are going to be spend on the nursery garden and a new bubble tube for the Under 3s.”