Family’s outstanding Olympic experience

Batasha before going out to opening ceremony
Batasha before going out to opening ceremony

So far as Olympic records go, thanks to his mother, Morgan Boult, eight, of Ashington holds a unique one of his own - he has been at the last three Olympic Games.

His mother, Natasha, a teacher at Greenway Junior School in Horsham, has been passionate about the Olympics since she was small.

“I was mad about Daley Thompson. My whole family loved the Olympics and I remember watching the Seoul Olympics with them. When Morgan was only a few months old, my husband and I took him with us to the Athens Olympics and then to Bejing and he simply loves it.”

This year she decided to go to the Olympics as a volunteer and applied. She clearly ticked all the right boxes in the lengthy selection procedures, with both enthusiasm and knowledge about them.

“They said no special skills were required but they started asking for acrobats, stunt people and then for drummers. That’s when I stuck my hand up because music is my subject and I have a good sense of timing and rhythm.

“I had a session to prove myself that lasted around four hours and I was in!” she said.

Natasha was a drummer in the industrial revolution scene of the opening ceremony and was a marshall at both the opening and closing ceremony, as well as being in the safety chain for athletes created by volunteers.

She had dress rehearsal tickets for my family for the opening ceremony and Morgan was thrilled to be actually there. He and her husband had tickets to watch the wrestling.

“The atmosphere was indescribable. I was so lucky to be involved. It was like a dream come true. I met many of the athletes, including members of the four by four relay team, the New Zealand rowers and Michael Hunter, the American boxer. Also, closer to home, Sally Gunnell was there too,” she said.

“Rio, here we come,” she said.