Family’s lucky escape after sock sparks fire

WEST Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is reminding people of the dangers of leaving clothing close to exposed light bulbs after a family had a lucky escape in Storrington last night.

Two fire crews from Storrington were called shortly after 9pm last night to a detached house on Bracken Lane after the owners discovered smoke filling a first floor bedroom in their home and called 999.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus entered the bedroom and discovered a pair of socks had become wedged beside the bulb of a bedside lamp which had been left on. The socks had started smouldering, creating thick smoke logging in the room. Crews removed the lamp to the garden and used a positive pressure fan to ventilate.

The family managed to leave the property safely prior to the arrival of the Fire Service. One male was treated for mild smoke inhalation by paramedics at the scene but did not need hospital treatment.

Watch Manager Martin Mckilligin, the Incident Commander, said afterwards: “People often don’t realise just how hot exposed light bulbs can become so it’s really important to check nothing is placed on or near them. In this case it was a pair of socks that had become inadvertently wedged down the side of a bedroom lamp in a child’s bedroom while the family were all downstairs. We’d suggest it’s much safer to switch lamps and other electrical equipment off when not in use.

“Thankfully, because of the sensible actions of the homeowner, who closed the bedroom door and immediately dialled 999 when he discovered the smoke filling the bedroom, the smoke damage was contained to the room of origin and everyone was able to leave the property safely.”

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