Faith when a loved one dies

Sunday at Holy Trinity Church, Horsham
Sunday at Holy Trinity Church, Horsham

Although baptised as a child, I did not attend church in my childhood and only had a brief encounter with a Sunday School and then a Covenanter group in my teens. I met Lee when I was 16 and we married when I was 21 and he 22.

In 1985, after the birth of our second child, Steven, my friend took me to Holy Trinity Church and, although she has now moved away, I have attended ever since. Five months later she and Father Edward Jervis helped us come to terms with Steven’s cot death. I do not know what we would have done without the prayers and love of our church family. The following summer I was confirmed and able to enter into full communion in the church.

Our second son, Paul, was born in 1988 and gave us several scares through his first year. Again we were surrounded by prayer and support which gave us the courage we needed to rebuild our family life.

Ecumenism is very important to me and, in the nineties I was elected to the committee and later on became secretary of Horsham Churches Together. I was privileged to enjoy fellowship with Christians from many different traditions in the Horsham and surrounding area churches. Once again I am an active member of HCT and continue to enjoy the diverse opportunities to serve the growing Horsham community.

Holy Trinity Church continues to be an important part of my life and allows me to grow in my faith. With Father David’s leadership I believe our church is gradually becoming integrated into our local community with many varied events and services and has succeeded in removing some of the mystery and ‘strangeness’ of church.

Jan Walshe

Holy Trinity, Horsham