Faith through Nepal mission

Ian and Pauline Jepps from Brighton Road Baptist Church, Horsham
Ian and Pauline Jepps from Brighton Road Baptist Church, Horsham

Pauline and I have been Christians for many years, but came to have faith in different ways.

Pauline was brought up in a Christian family and had been involved in church for as long as she can remember. I, on the other hand, didn’t go into a church until I was 17 and then only to join the youth club. However, despite that, we believe having it should make a difference.

When we turned 70 we wanted to celebrate in a special way. ‘Over the hill’ did not have a resonance with us. We enjoy hill walking so ‘over the mountain’ was more of what we felt.

There is a charity which helps people worldwide who suffer from leprosy. Their magazine included a challenge to trek in the Nepal Himalaya region in aid of the work.

After much thought and trepidation we found ourselves accepted and in serious training and also learning how to fundraise effectively.

The trek began at the leprosy hospital at Anandaban near Kathmandu. Meeting the patients really gave impetus to the next eight days of climbing, clambering and camping. The sense of achievement when we reached the peak of the trek at 3,000m was immense.

We were conscious of the prayers of people at Brighton Road Baptist Church and also grateful for the support in sponsorship we were able to raise for the hospital. Most of all we were blessed to experience the truth of Psalm 121. Read it and you’ll see why. It finishes with the statement that God will ‘watch over your life’. We thank Him for this promise.

Ian and Pauline Jepps Brighton Road Baptist Church