FA CUP: Evans ‘We’ve done our football club proud’

Steve Evans watches from the stand
Steve Evans watches from the stand

DEFEATED Crawley Town manager Steve Evans praised his opposite number Sir Alex Ferguson but disputed a decision which led to Manchester Utd’s winning goal.

He said: “We go away disappointed that our cup run has ended but I think we’ve done our football club proud.

“We’ve had a fantastic run in the competition and we couldn’t have wished for it to finish anywhere else.

“Sir Alex is the master in everything he does and this has been further endorsed by his exemplary treatment of us since the draw was made.”

Evans was not surprised they could play so well against the Premier League leaders.

He said: “We thought we could beat Manchester Utd and we had to have that belief. We were disappointed with the first half, we thought we paid them too much respect. Utd had a couple of chances to put the game beyond doubt.

“We were disappointed with the nature of the goal. There was a foul on Matt Tubbs which wasn’t given leading up to the corner and no-way was that a corner in anyone’s imagination. They scored from the corner which is disappointing.

“In the second half we asked our players to get the ball down and pass it and move it around and we did that. We’re very tired and will learn from the experience and shall go back to prepare for playing Southport on Tuesday.

“We go away with our dignity and our pride.

“The fans have witnessed a fantastic performance both on and off the pitch.

“Sir Alex gave us a Glaswegian welcome and treated us all with the utmost respect.

“It’s been a trully wonderful experience.”