Exclusive: Secret housing blueprint published in today’s County Times

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A housing blueprint for the Horsham district which will determine where thousands of homes will be built over the next 20 years has been drawn up.

Development remains the most contentious issue across the region and residents in every community will be waiting anxiously to find out what is proposed where they live.

The historic document which could shape the face of the entire district was revealed to Conservative councillors at a private group meeting on Monday night.

At the end of July it will go before Horsham District Council for discussion before being offered for public consultation.

The County Times - with its impeccable sources - has obtained comprehensive details of Monday night’s briefing, published in full in today’s paper.

North Horsham, Southwater, Billingshurst and all the rural villages including Storrington will be directly impacted by the report.

On the eve of a public meeting in Storrington to Stop Sprawl, the timing could not be more critical.

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