‘Exceptional’ students recognised by peers

Charlie Brooker SUS-140506-162321001
Charlie Brooker SUS-140506-162321001

Tanbridge House School in Horsham is used to celebrating their students’ academic and personal triumphs, but this week, six students were heralded by staff, and most importantly their peers, as “Exceptional Every Day”.

Students in years 7, 8 and 9 were asked to nominate themselves or a friend who should be recognised for their achievements that extend beyond education.

More than 100 nominations were received which included sporting achievements, charity efforts, recognition for hard work and even teachers cited for their long term commitment to the school.

The final line-up included four boys and two girls who were selected for displaying an outstanding diversity of talents and qualities which Tanbridge House School actively encourages all its students to nurture and explore.

The students included:

Charlie Brooker, 13, for his passion for wanting to break the record for being the youngest person in the UK to fly solo in a glider.

Charlie’s interest in flight began at a young age. On his 13th birthday his family bought him a trip in a glider which fuelled his passion for everything related to flight.

The uplifting experience led Charlie to find out more about gliding and actually join Southdown Gliding Club in Storrington.

His dedication to his hobby has set Charlie’s sights on being the youngest person in the UK to fly solo in a glider.

The law was recently changed in the UK to allow people to fly solo from 14 years old, so on the 18th June this year, Charlie will be attempting to set this record.

Tom Nehme, 12, who shares outstanding kindness with his fellow students.

Tom was nominated by a friend in his year 7 tutor group. Both new to the school, Tom recognised that his friend needed a little extra help with the transition period of joining a large secondary school from a small local primary school.

One of the ways Tom offered support was by meeting him at break times, especially lunchtime at the canteen to help with the canteen system and making sure he had someone to sit with.

Tom also introduced him to his other friends as he went to a different primary school for a while. Tom’s support helped build his friends confidence who is now flourishing.

Tom’s thoughtfulness continues in lessons with teachers identifying him for his kind-heartedness and is often asked to help mentor other students in class

Madeline Griffin, 12, nominated for gymnastics and playing the piano.

Having been given a piano from an old friend, Maddie’s interest took hold two years ago and within a short space of time she showed a natural flair and plays with real passion and feeling.

She has wowed audiences with solo performances and is already studying for her grade three.

Her genuine interest and love for the sound of the piano doesn’t stop there, Maddie is often on the internet searching for new pieces of music to play.

While other children might be listening to pop music, Maddie can be found searching for pieces by her favourite classical artist Ludovico Einaudi. Her ambition is to finish her grades by the age of 18 so she can go on to play the piano as a professional.

Ross McKay, 14, for his involvement with the Scouting movement over the past eight years.

Not only was Ross recently awarded Scout of the Year by his troop but recently he received notification that his application to attend the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan in 2015 had been successful.

The event will see around 30,000 Scouts from across the world come together to build friendships and learn more about the Japanese way of life and culture.

Ross received one of only four places available from 36 applications to the Horsham Weald District and he is now actively seeking in excess of £1,000 to help fund the trip.

Abbie Mellor, 12, for her effort as a synchronised swimmer.

Abbie started swimming as a baby and aged nine her school coach was so impressed she invited her to join the synchronised swimming team.

Abbie found it very difficult at first as it uses extensive muscle control however she persevered and became a Horsham Flamingo, part of the Brighton Swimming Club where she trains with eight other girls.

Training is intense as Abbie has to train at least two days a week which can rise to five if dry rehearsals are required for competitions or displays.

Abbie’s teacher has been so impressed at her ability and last month she completed the Brighton Fringe Festival where she displayed her skills.

This will only be the second time Abbie has competed and is hoping the competition will put her in the fast lane for her future as a synchronised swimmer.

Cameron Copeland, 12, received two nominations for his caring and mature manner.

Cameron’s peers nominated him for his excellent personal skills with students noting how he will always try to help if a student looks lonely or in need of support.

Cameron states that he just ‘likes to help people’ and his kind and generous nature was also touched upon by those who nominated him.

Tanbridge House School prides itself on its kind and caring community, so Cameron’s achievements in this area are a real asset to the school.

Head teacher, Jules White said: “As a school that likes to nurture all abilities and talents it was natural for us to recognise our students’ achievements and skills beyond the academic.

“We had some fantastic responses and it was incredibly difficult to narrow the selection down.

“It was great to discover more about our students’ achievements outside of school and a glimpse of the exceptional futures that they may have in store.”

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