Epilepsy charity role helping unite patients in the Horsham district

JPCT 27-07-12 S12300272X New Epilepsy Action fundraiser for the South East Lauren Wynn -photo by Steve Cobb
JPCT 27-07-12 S12300272X New Epilepsy Action fundraiser for the South East Lauren Wynn -photo by Steve Cobb

After years of working in public relations and events management, Epilepsy Action’s new community fundraiser in Horsham is uniting people touched by the condition.

Since April when she started as one of the charity’s new regional roles, Lauren, 28, has been acquainting herself with the Horsham District, which forms a small part of her patch covering Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

She wants to raise awareness of the charity and of the condition, which 87 people in the UK are diagnosed with everyday, and has found her work can bring carers and patients together.

She said: “I worked for six years in the Royal Society of Medicine in events management working 12 hour days. I moved to Bromley (from London and saw this job.

“I don’t have a personal connection with epilepsy at all. I had an illness where I went through a period of passing out, but I cannot think of what it’s like living with it everyday. I have total admiration for everyone who does.

“I’ve learnt a lot about the charity and the condition since I started and have been amazed.There’s not a lot of awareness of the charity in the local area, but I have been to a few fetes and people have come up to the stand and said ‘my gardener has epilepsy’ or ‘I have epilepsy’.

“What I’m trying to do is find gaps in the market and do things a bit differently, spread awareness by working with schools, teaming up with community groups.

“One of the best things about doing the community fundraising is that I put people in contact with each other. There are more people with epilepsy than you think.”

Lauren has arranged several events this year for people to take part in and she is also on hand for anyone who wants to raise money for Epilepsy Action.

“We are going to be at Gatwick for three days, August 24, September 15 and another date when we will give out first aid leaflets, have a collection. On Friday December 21 I’ll be in Swan Walk with a stall.

“On December 11 I’m holding a big carol concert in Guildford Cathedral with pre-concert and post-conference receptions in the refectory when people can find out more about the charity. It’s not going to make thousands of pounds, but it will bring people together.”

Anyone interested in taking part in any of these events, would like to organise an event for Epilepsy Action or would like more information about epilepsy contact Lauren on 01732 758110 or email lwynn@epilepsy.org.uk