West Sussex County Council urge for increased bathroom recycling


West Sussex County Council is calling on people to change their habits in relation to bathroom products to help increase recycling across the county.

Expert recyclers carefully sort out items for the recycling bin from the kitchen, but this isn’t necessarily the case for bathroom products - many of which end up in the bin.

There is mounting evidence that the county council are missing out on items from people’s bathrooms that could be recycled but are instead ending up in landfill.

West Sussex County Council’s cabinet member for residents’ services, Lionel Barnard, said: “It’s easy to forget empty shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath bottles, along with deodorant cans, hairspray cans and glass cosmetic bottles to name a few as well as cardboard toilet roll tubes!

“Don’t forget all of these can go into your recycling bin, but when they do remember to make sure all of your items are clean, dry and loose.”

For more recycling tips visit www.recycleforwestsussex.org or share your ideas on recycling on Twitter at #wsrecycling.