Villagers fear they could end up with a ‘shambolic gypsy site’ in their midst

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Concerns are being raised that Storrington could end up with a ‘gypsy site’ in its midst following proposals to house two extra mobile homes on land in the village.

Planning approval is being sought to site the mobile homes, along with a ‘day room’ at Old Field Stables in Fryern Road, but the group Stop Storrington Sprawl is opposing the plans.

Spokesman Howard Brunt said that there was already approval for one mobile home on the site and that ‘there appears to have been business activity on the site along with various units of some sort’.

“Our concern here, as with the first application, is that further applications will be made and we will end up with a shambolic full scale gypsy site,” he said.

“Every approval creates an additional precedent. We would not be allowed to site mobile homes in this location or obtain building approval so what kind of fairness allows this?

“We fought a long battle to prevent a housing estate opposite, so what inverted logic makes this different?”

The planning application - which is being recommended for approval by planning officers - is to be decided at a meeting of Horsham District Council’s Development Committee at a meeting at Parkside, Chart Way on Tuesday (March 15)at 2pm.