Twelve recycling facts for Christmas

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This Christmas West Sussex County Council will be asking people to think about the environment and to recycle their used mince pie foil containers.

Many families across West Sussex will be tucking into mince pies and chocolate gold coins this Christmas, but instead of simply throwing the aluminium foil away, why not pop it in the recycling bin?

Metal is a scarce resource so the more we can recycle, the better for the environment.

Last year, we recycled 46 tonnes of foil in West Sussex, but we could recycle so much more.

That 46 tonnes equates to about 28,500 miles of flattened foil – enough to run from the top to the bottom of Great Britain 47 times.

And did you know food and drink cartons, often known as Tetra Paks, can also be recycled – provided they have been washed out and are dry.

These are just two interesting facts contained in 12 recycling articles that have been released in time for Christmas this year by West Sussex County Council and Viridor.

The 12 articles on different recycling topics will appear over the course of 12 days from Monday, December 10, on the Recycling for West Sussex website.

The articles are designed to help people maximise their recycling, to reuse and reduce waste over the Christmas period and to make sure people are ensuring materials for recycling are being stored clean, dry and loose.

They are also designed to ensure people are putting out the correct materials for kerbside collection.

West Sussex County Council’s Deputy Leader Lionel Barnard, who has responsibility for waste issues, said: “West Sussex already has a good recycling rate, but we want to ensure people don’t let these standards slip over the Christmas period.

“With all the parties and families getting together over this festive time, don’t forget to reduce, reuse and recycle and please ensure your recycling is clean, dry and loose.”

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