Suzzy the squirrel is office celebrity

A FIVE week old squirrel is becoming a bit of an ‘office celebrity’ at a Horsham charity.

Suzzy, as she’s been named, is being cared for by staff at Care for the Wild after being found abandoned by a member of the public.

The squirrel being fed.

The squirrel being fed.

It is thought the cute baby mammal may have been orphaned due to a car accident, or perhaps she just fell from as tree.

The charity’s chief executive Philip Mansbridge told the County Times: “At Care for the Wild we love animals of all kinds.

“In addition to the UK wildlife, a lot of our work is supporting endangered animals across the globe, so it’s always great to have some local wildlife in the office as it helps all of us to see first hand the work that we are supporting and makes sure we stay focused!

“As you can imagine, it is a bit harder for all of the staff to experience the Tigers, Apes and Elephants that we also support!

“Everyone has been in to sneak a peek at Suzzy sleeping and a few of us have helped with the feeding too, so she is becoming a bit of an office celebrity!”

Suzzy will be hand reared until she is about eight weeks old and then she will be placed in a protected area, as it is illegal to release grey squirrels back to the wild even if they are healthy and even if someone has rescued them from death.