‘Shock’ after Horsham Women’s Institute post-box topper highlighting climate change stolen

A Horsham Women’s Institute member has spoken of her shock after a colourful post-box topper highlighting the need to act on climate change was stolen.

Thursday, 4th November 2021, 4:58 pm

Four post-box toppers were made at the WI’s monthly craft group and are now displayed around the Horsham area.

They were made from recycled material as much as they could be, with bases made from yarn that was donated or purchased from charity shops.

The group hope that the colourful creations will raise an awareness of the need to act about climate change – in a friendly and creative way.

Horsham Normany WI make post box toppers to raise awarness of climate change.

The members of the WI have already noticed the public starting conversations about them.

Group member Sue Koch said that the positive response to the post-box toppers has ‘energised’ her to get started on more.

Another member of group said: “Using the WI ethos of craftivism is a way for me to campaign on important issues for change with out putting myself at risk or others at harm.”

But amid the positive reception, the group reported on Wednesday that the topper in Clarence Road had been stolen. They called for it to be returned.

Horsham Normany WI make post box toppers to raise awarness of climate change.

Member of the WI, Pam Tedder said: “I was shocked and disappointed that someone would remove something that was bringing a lot of joy to others, whilst telling an important message at the same time. I honestly though that my grandson was trying to wind me up.”

The Horsham Normandy WI has been running since 1988 and currently has 47 members

The group is very passionate about raising awareness for positive change.

In 2019, Horsham Normandy WI participated in the mass lobbying of Parliament in The Time is Now event, when along with other Horsham WI groups it ‘yarn bombed’ the bandstand to highlight the need to curb single-use plastic, which contributes to the plastic soup in our oceans.

Horsham Normany WI make post box toppers to raise awarness of climate change.

As part of the Show the Love campaign this year, Horsham Normandy WI organised a Zoom meeting between other local WI’s and MP Jeremy Quin to discuss concerns about climate change and government action.

As part of the Big Green Week in September this year, the group put a display of pom poms in the park in the Human Nature garden in Horsham Park. This display included pom poms representing bees and birds which would be impacted by climate change.

They also knitted a scarf representing the changing temperatures in the UK and displayed this in Horsham Library.

The group has noticed an increase in new members joining after being inspired by their campaigns for change.

Horsham Normany WI make post box toppers to raise awarness of climate change.

The Women’s Institute is part of the Climate Coalition, which is the UK’s largest group of people dedicated to action against climate change a group of over 140 organisations — including the National Trust, Oxfam and RSPB — and 22million voices strong.

As part of the Climate Coalition, the group is taking part in a march in London on Saturday (November 6).

Events can be found at www.horshamnormandywi.com