Residents want to see flytippers prosecuted


Pulborough residents are furious that flytipping offenders are not being prosecuted, despite witness statements and photographic evidence,

Mrs Gillian Harris of Arun Prospect said: “ A large pile of fly tipping started to appear and build in a field opposite my home in July last year. Myself and other residents witnessed it and reported the fly tipping to Horsham District Council in August and again in September last year. We also took pictures of them actually dumping the rubbish. It is still an ongoing problem.”

She added: “These are regular offenders and as fast as the rubbish is removed, more takes its place. Myself and a neighbour provided written witness statements and photographic evidence to an Environment Agency official. We said we would give evidence in court in a prosecution,” she said.

I was told Horsham District Council would not prosecute or even interview the individuals we had photographed in action,” she said.

She criticised the district council’s lack of action, saying the council had signs throughout the district encouraging people to report flytippers.

“It is hypocritical, They have full evidence and their lack of action is unacceptable,” she said.

A spokeswoman for Horsham District Council said: “Horsham District Council has conducted a thorough investigation into fly tipping on private land in the area. We had insufficient evidence to prosecute, however we cleared the site in late 2011 and contacted the landowner.

“Further fly tipping has taken place since then and, as a result, this has now been escalated to the Environment Agency, which deals with more serious environmental crime.

“The Environment Agency has conducted an investigation and will be responsible for any future prosecutions. Horsham District Council always takes fly tipping seriously.”