National Planning Policy Framework to be released Tuesday

Green space in need of protection.
Green space in need of protection.

COUNTRYSIDE lovers in Sussex may discover the fate of some of the area’s greenfield sites as the Government will announce new planning guidelines this Tuesday (March 27).

The National Planning Policy Framework could affect future developments in the area, as Horsham District Council’s consultation continues on the number of new homes the District will need over the next 20 years.

David Mowling, chairman of Save our Sussex Alliance, said: “We should be looking at sustainability before trying to concrete over everything. They [the Government] are desperate to increase construction hoping it will save England, but it will not deliver the change we need.”

He added: “They need to give protection to countryside and the green belts and power to provide affordable housing in a timely manner.”

In the budget George Osborne, chancellor of the exchequer, called it the biggest reduction in red tape ever undertaken.

Mr Mowling also stressed the need for focus on affordable housing in the area, and called on decision makers to encourage debate and honesty.