Motorists warned to drive slowly through floods


Motorists across West Sussex are being urged to drive slowly on roads which have been affected by flooding over Christmas.

The heavy rain which fell during the holiday period has led to an increase in the number and size of potholes being reported to West Sussex County Council.

Drivers are reminded to take extra care when venturing out on the roads, particularly in rural areas, and to adapt their driving to meet the conditions.

WSCC deputy leader Lionel Barnard said: “We are doing everything we can to minimise the impact the wet weather is having on our road network.

“But in the meantime people need to remember to drive responsibly when faced with flooded roads.

“Please go slowly wherever there is water on the road – there could be a pothole hidden underneath.”

Surface water has exacerbated the problem with existing potholes, as the water washes away loose particles of road surface whenever vehicles pass over them.

The county council’s contractor Balfour Beatty has been busy assessing and fixing potholes throughout Christmas and New Year.

The weather is forecast to improve over the next few days, reducing the risk of further flooding.

However there will still be a lot of ground water and Environment Agency flood alerts remain in place for the Lavant Valley, and for the River Lavant and River Ems.

There have also been reports of flood warning signs being removed from the roadside by members of the public.

Lionel said: “Please do not move road closure signs.

“They have been put in place to warn people of floods. We don’t want anyone running the risk of driving down a road and getting trapped.”