Masses of Horsham district recycling material ends up at landfill

A total of 7,240kg of recycling material has had to be sent to landfill this week because it had been contaminated with non-recyclable items, Horsham District Council has revealed.

In a post on social media the council says items such as nappies, clothing and textiles, electrical items, wrong plastics such as plastic bags, clingfilm and polystyrene packaging and general rubbish were mixed up with those items that can be recycled.

Check what can be recycled

Check what can be recycled

The council added: “As much as we would like to, unfortunately we can’t recycle nappies.”

On its website, the council says; “We recycle 44% of our waste – the highest in West Sussex – and aim to reach the national target of 50% recycling by 2020.

“Here are three ways you can help us get there.

“Check what can and can’t be recycled 20% of the waste put in our green-top bins can be recycled by moving it into the blue-top bin.

“Not sure what goes where? Check the list or Order a free information sticker for your bin.

“No plastic bags, please Unfortunately we can’t recycle plastic bags. We also can’t accept recycled items if they are tied up in plastic bags.

“Wash out jars and tins Recycling should be clean, dry and loose in your blue top bin.

“Before you throw that sauce jar away, please give it a quick rinse.”

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