Love your lawn, says Henfield company

HENFIELD company GreenThumb is campaigning to re-ignite our passion for lawns.

During the last 25 years, many lawns in your area have been dug up to make way for off-street parking, patios and decking.

Now Mark Walton, of GreenThumb, wants local people to enjoy the benefits of having a lovely lawn during National Love Your Lawn Week – which runs from May 7 to 15.

Actress Joanna Lumley, who is an avid gardener, is leading the campaign.

She said: “We love our lawns. They’re the place our children and grandchildren can play in safely and somewhere we can unwind from the stresses of life.

“Lawns bring pleasure to our lives and are wonderful for the environment but sadly we so often neglect them or even dig them up and get rid of them.

“It’s a shame, because a healthy, green, weed-free lawn – no matter how big or small - not only enhances a garden but brings kerb appeal to your home and adds value to a property.

“Yet while we invest so much money on the appearance of the interior of our homes, all too often we give little regard to the greenery outside.  

“This seems wrong, especially as more people see the outside of our homes than the inside!

“Lawns are a boon to the environment, helping to avoid flooding by allowing rainwater to seep into the ground instead of run off, keep temperatures cool and generate oxygen.

“Of course, keeping lawns in pristine condition throughout the year is not easy given our British climate, in fact, the recent harsh winters, together with an increasing trend to patio over lawns or install wooden decking, have left Britain’s lawns at their lowest ebb. 

“If we want future generations to share our memories of long summer afternoons in the garden we need to act now to ensure the survival of one of our greatest assets – the Great British lawn.”

A survey by the Royal Horticultural Society reveals nine out of ten people think it’s too hard or too expensive to maintain a nice looking lawn.

The local GreenThumb was founded to help homeowners in Sussex to feed and weed their grass and to create lawns to be proud of.

The company’s trained staff keep more than 4,000 lawns in the your area looking green, healthy and free from weeds.

Mark Walton said: “Our all-weather treatments allow our customers to enjoy their lawns without the hassle associated with inferior products that depend on watering-in.”

Lawn care tips:

Here are five great tips to keeping your lawn looking lush and green long after National Love Your Lawn Week:

1. Grass is made up of 93 per cent water and needs to be watered to survive. Watering your lawn for just 20 minutes, three times a week is enough to keep your lawn green throughout the summer. It costs around £1 a week if you are on a meter.

2. Millions of homeowners actually cut their lawn too short, which leaves the grass stressed and at risk of disease. For a healthy lawn you need to mow your grass no lower than one-and-a-quarter inches long. Make sure your lawnmower is regularly serviced and don’t fill it on the lawn or you’ll risk spilling petrol on the grass.

3. More homeowners complain about moss on their lawn than any other problem. When moss is present, it’s often a sign that the grass isn’t as healthy as it should be. One cause is thatch - leftover grass cuttings - which allows water to collect on the surface and provides the perfect breeding ground for moss.

4. Leatherjackets are the larvae of daddy longlegs, which lay their eggs on lawns in the autumn. If in the spring your lawn begins to attract interest from birds - or animals - that dig up the turf the chances are it has been infested by these headless pests that also feast on the root zone, making the grass weak.

5. GreenThumb has nearly 500,000 customers and to mark the company’s 25th anniversary they have created three new treatment programmes, which can save you up to 25 per cent on the cost of lawn treatments. You can spread payments over 12 months with GreenThumb’s Direct Debit option.