Horsham district rubbish collection and recycling over Christmas

cleared from horsham graphics
cleared from horsham graphics

THERE will be no household rubbish collections on Tuesday, December 27.

Recycling and rubbish collections will be collected a day later than usual.

Those that normally have a Friday collection will have their rubbish collected on Saturday, December 31.

An additional blue-topped bin collection for recycling will replace the normal brown-topped garden waste bin collection.

If you want to check when there will be a collection at your house, the district council has a Wast Collection Date section on its website www.horsham.gov.uk/

The council has set out the following guidelines for recycling your Christmas rubbish.

Christmas Recycling – Do you have it sorted?

Is it Clean?

Clean - All containers rinsed out, no food waste.

No Food - No food smeared on items, no liquids in bottles.

Is it Dry?

Dry - Bin Lids Down, no water in bins. All material to be dry.

Not Wet - No dull wet paper/card.

Is it Loose?

Loose - Recycling loose in the bin.

No Bags - No bagged recycling.

Paper &, card

Newspapers and Magazines

Greetings cards

Paper based wrapping paper

Cardboard boxes

Liquid Food Cartons – (TetraPak)

No shredded paper, remove sellotape, bows, ribbons.

No paper towels or napkins

No Plastic wrapping paper – often looks like foil paper but contains plastic.


containers, cans, lids and sweet wrappers

Metal containers, such as Quality Street and biscuit tins,

Cans & tins such as pet food, drinks cans and aerosols. (All empty, clean and dry),

Metal bottle tops & jam jar lids.

Aluminium foil and trays - clean

Foil sweet wrappers (if you can ‘scrunch’ it up and it stays ‘scrunched’ it’s metal)

No Container lids - such as milk bottle lids.


The only plastic residents in West Sussex can recycle are PLASTIC BOTTLES.

Bottle shaped only - if it’s plastic and a bottle it can be recycled.

No Christmas pudding bowls (plastic)

No Cellophane,

No Margarine / Yoghurt pots / Ice cream tubs.

No Coat hangers

No Tinsel.

No Plastic Baubles.

No Fruit netting etc.


Glass - Glass Bottles and Jars

Any glass other than bottles or jars

No drinking glasses

No bowls,

No glass baubles etc.

Other Christmas items

Paper Decorations – such as paper chains

No artificial Christmas Trees - These can be taken to your local Household Waste Recycling Site (HWRS) for disposal.

No sweet wrappers that don’t stay scrunched.

No foil-looking wrapping paper.