Going Green for the Queen

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CHILDREN from Southwater Village Hall preschool planted trees at Southwater Country Park on Tuesday March 13 as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Carol Fossick, chair of the charity run Preschool, said that it was ‘a wonderful opportunity’ for the nine children who took part ‘to contribute a little something to this local amenity’.

The children planted at least 12 trees on land near to the children’s play area which needed new plants to protect the surrounding land and wildlife.

Heather Clarke, manager of the school, said: “Unfortunately the Queen was not able to attend the planting but the volunteers from Horsham’s Green Gym were there to assist, doing much of the hard work.”

Ms Fossick said she hoped that involving the children in the countryside at an early age will enable to ‘feel a real connection to the park and enjoy it and care for it for generations to come’.

“We would like to thank the Southwater County Park wardens and volunteers from Horsham’s green gym, who gave their time and expertise to this event, in particular to Stephen, David and Sarah.”