Fracking fears under spotlight

Shale gas extraction – or fracking – has become a matter of serious concern for environmentalists and has alarmed the public at large. It is also a local issue.

But are the fears justified? Are the consequences of fracking unpredictable and the risks too great or are those risks well known and manageable? Would there be a significant benefit to the UK economy with greater security of energy supplies? And would the consumer benefit from lower energy prices?

These and other questions will be addressed at a Public Forum in Pulborough Village Hall on Thursday September 6, starting at 7.30 pm.

The panel of speakers will be headed by sustainability expert, Professor Joe Howe of Central Lancashire University, who will be joined by energy consultant and director of No Hot Air, Nick Grealy and by Morwen Millson, a West Sussex county councillor, who will represent the public interest and concerns. Also present will be representatives of CPRE and Friends of the Earth.

The proceedings will be timed to give members of the public every opportunity to comment and to put their questions from the floor. It is open to all, admission is free, there is ample parking and access for the disabled. The forum is organised and funded by The Wiggonholt Association,