‘Eruption’ of flying ants in Horsham area

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Latest news

Have you noticed an invasion of flying insects across the Horsham area over recent days?

The warm summer months are ideal for species of flying ants to flourish, and there have been several reports of swarms of the bugs in Horsham.

But there is no need to panic because these ants are ‘totally harmless’, according to Tim Thomas, an international wildlife consultant based in Horsham.

He said: “These eruptions seem to coincide across large areas of the country all at the same time.

“It is often around July and often precedes a thunderstorm - hence barometric pressure and temperature being a trigger.

“These swarms, although occasionally a pain for barbecues, do supply declining species such as house sparrows with some much needed protein - and it’s great to watch them trying to catch the ants as they fly!”

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