Concerns for rural Sussex development

Kia Trainor Director of the Sussex office of the Campaign to Protect Rural England

A public talk about how to protect our countryside from development takes place on Tuesday (February 27).

During the talk, the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) will look at how much-needed homes can be provided without losing ‘swathes of historic landscape’.

It will discuss how to make the most of brownfield sites and how homes are designed to connect with communities and employment.

The evening is hosted by Arundel A27 Forum, a network of organisations, local business and residents who want to see improved transport and access while protecting our countryside.

Supporters of the Arundel A27 Forum have said more ‘imagination and new ideas’ are needed when planning new developments.

The talk, which is the first in a series on the topic, starts at 7.30pm at Arundel Museum.

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