Banner protests against fracking

FRack Off banner near Brighton station
FRack Off banner near Brighton station

ACTIVISTS against Fracking have unfurled a bus-sized banner at Brighton Train Station protesting against licenses granted for companies to explore for gas and shale oil in the South East, including the Horsham area.

Unveiled by campaigners Frack Off, they hope to draw attention to the spectre of fracking looming over villages and communities here.

Cuadrilla Holding Ltd. has a license to frack in Balcombe, while Tesla-IMC International was commissioned to search for oil in the Horsham area last year.

Campaigners hope the banner will be seen by thousands of tourists and commuters on the London to Brighton train route.

Gary Gardiner said: “There are a whole host of environmental issues associated with fracking including water pollution, air pollution, traffic pollution and earthquakes. This is totally unacceptable.”