Apartments go ahead despite concerns

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DESPITE concerns about inadequate parking, unsuitable access to Storrington village for mobility scooters and proximity to an existing property, 31 proposed retirement apartments have been given permission has to be built at Foxmead in Meadowside .

The scheme, on the site of a former residential home, was reluctantly approved by Horsham District Council’s area two development control committee on Tuesday afternoon.

Officers said that 16 car parking spaces would be allocated on a permit system by developers McCarthy and Stone Retirement Lifestyles. Anyone with a car and no permit would not be able to park there.

Local councillors had said the narrow pavement was unsuitable for mobility scooters but were told the County Surveyor insisted it was wide enough and an alternative route via Meadowside could be used to reach the centre of the village.

Cllr Ray Dawe said: “The county has been very poor in its response but I can’t see that we can resist any more.”

Referring to complaints from resident Sarah Brignall that a substation higher than her garden fence, would be right on her boundary, Mr Dawe said it was imperative to have some soundproofing measures included for the substation.

Cllr Jim Sanson said that 16 parking spaces was inadequate for a development for over 55s, taking into account visitors and staff, and Cllr Chris Mason added: “ I don’t think we have worked as hard as we could have to achieve a compromise.”.

Cllr Brian Donnelly said: “ This developer is optimising profit at the extent of the village. There will be spillage of cars everywhere.”

It was agreed permission would be given subject to soundproofing the substation.

Sarah Brignall said after the meeting: “I am extremely unhappy about this. The apartments are only seven metres from my boundary and will have an overbearing impact on my home.”