Angry residents call for tree stumps demonstration

Land being prepared for development in Broadbridge Heath, between Tesco and Newbridge Nursery.
Land being prepared for development in Broadbridge Heath, between Tesco and Newbridge Nursery.

ANGRY home owners have been called on to protest against the culling of trees and a 963-home development in Broadbridge Heath on Saturday April 28 at 2pm.

Residents expressed their horror when they woke to find trees and hedgerows levelled by developers in early March as part of preparatory work West of Horsham.

Save our Sussex Alliance and its affiliated organisations will take part in the demonstration and David Mowling, chairman of SOSA, labelled current development ludicrous.

He said: “I hope that the people who are responsible for cutting down those trees pitch up and see what they have left. Could they not have saved any of those trees?

“A thousand new houses will change the whole area, it is just a never ending scenario, all have what to do has for them to have a proper plan. Nobody is going to sort this out,” he added.

In a letter to the County Times last week, Rod Northway from Billingshurst, said: “Why do we allow the destruction of our countryside, the reduction of the quality of our environment and all the inconvenience of over-stretched infrastructure to build 963 additional units near Broadbridge Heath? They are not necessary and it would be best to halt this madness as soon as possible.”

Another angry respondent, Susan Richardson, of Hawthorn Close, said: “I have been shocked, dismayed and horrified to see such devastation and loss. Was it really necessary, right or justified?”

Anne Jackson and Fiona Page, both from Broadbridge Heath, said: “We feel that the number of trees and hedgerows removed is excessive and unnecessary compared to the access needed by the builders etc.” They added: “It is particularly upsetting as losing the fields is bad enough but losing the natural visual amenities which would soften the impact of the housing to come is unfair.”

HDC confirmed afterwards that no Tree Preservation Orders existed for the development site.

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