Acorn Plus van stuck in West Chiltington Road

Acorn Plus truck stuck in road in West Chiltington
Acorn Plus truck stuck in road in West Chiltington

AN ACORN Plus van caused long delays to other motorists as well as its recycling run when it mishandled an attempt to turn onto a narrow road in West Chiltington.

Friday morning traffic was held up for more than two hours when the recycling truck driver wedged the truck across the width of the country road.

Alan Room, of Fir Tree Lane, said that his brother took these photographs of the van at approximately 8.55 when he was stuck in a long traffic jam created by the obstruction.

He said: “It happened on a junction on Monk Mead Road and loads of people were having to turn around and find other ways to get to where they were going as there was obviously no way round.”

A statement from Horsham District Council said that the vehicle was pulled free just before mid day.

It said: “One of the Council’s Acorn Plus vehicles became stuck at 9.30am this morning (March 23) in the West Chiltington area and a rescue lorry arrived at 10.45am. The vehicle was pulled free at 11.45am and, after it became clear that no damage had been caused, it continued its collection round.

“The police attended and redirected traffic during the incident. We would like to apologise to anyone inconvenienced by this incident and give assurance that it will be properly investigated.”