A greener future for Chanctonbury Sports & Leisure

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Staying active in Storrington has just got greener thanks to the installation of state-of-the-art solar panels at the Chanctonbury Sports & Leisure centre.

The brand new Solar Voltaic System allows the centre to produce clean, renewable and sustainable energy and, in doing so, significantly lower its carbon footprint. It’s predicted the panels will produce approximately 49,200 KWh of electricity per annum – enough green energy to equal the centre’s usage.

Chanctonbury Sports and Leisure Centre, which is managed by the West Chanctonbury Recreation Association (WCRA) – a registered charity – in partnership with Impulse Leisure, is committed to reducing its environmental impact. The solar panels have been installed as part of Impulse Leisure’s target to cut utility consumption by a minimum of 17 per cent by 2014.

“The new Solar Voltaic System is a way for us to operate in a much more environmentally responsible manner and at the same time generate a saving on electricity costs for the next 25 years,” says John Seymour, WCRA Chairman.

“This will help us to ensure Chanctonbury Sport & Leisure can continue to provide quality services for residents in years to come.”

Power generated by the panels and used on site prevents the need to buy electricity, which produces a saving in utility costs. Any power being produced but not used will be exported back to the National Grid for an income.

Mr Seymour said: “The entire system will have no visual impact on the surrounding landscape, thanks to the flat terrain and the height of Chanctonbury Sports & Leisure Centre.”

The solar panels, which were installed in partnership with (and with assistance from) Storrington & Sullington Parish Council, represent an investment of £60,000. This will be recouped within the first five years of operation.