20mph for Horsham town roads? What do you think?

HORSHAM town’s roads should get a blanket 20mph speed limit, a district councillor said this week.

David Holmes (Lib Dem, Horsham Park) told the County Times yesterday: “It would appear that the Government are planning to introduce measures that will make it easier to introduce 20mph zones.

“This has been raised with the county council in the past, but the response has been: ‘Oh no, we couldn’t possibly contemplate doing that, because of the red tape.’

“I definitely think it’s something that should be looked at,” he said.

“It could make the town much more attractive; it could make it much safer for cyclists; it could make it much easier for young people - 12 year olds for example - to get on their bike and go to see their friends.

The Lib Dem leader said he realises that a 20mph limit is likely to be controversial, but should at least be considered.

Portsmouth city centre had 20mph speed limit imposed on nearly all of its residential roads in March 2008, which road safety campaigners hailed as a great success.

“Clearly people would have to be consulted,” said Mr Holmes.

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