Entertaining talk by editor in chief at meeting of Fryern Ladies Probus

Fryern Probus Ladies with Gary Shipton SUS-140610-145640001
Fryern Probus Ladies with Gary Shipton SUS-140610-145640001

‘It’s important to laugh’, so we’re told, and this was certainly the case, if not an overflowing one, at the 9th meeting of Fryern Ladies Probus; held at The Roundabout Hotel – a wonderful way to lunch well, meet likeminded friends and unwind.

This was due in part to our most entertaining and informative speaker Gary Shipton – who no doubt will be reading this report as he is The Editor in Chief of this, and other Sussex newspapers.

His talk title was ‘Hold the Front Page’ and we revelled in his examples of well - intentioned but badly written examples of newspaper advertisements which could give different interpretations – eg. ‘Multicoloured Shirts for Sale’ but printed without the ‘r’ in shirts!

Whilst the advertiser was initially irate, at the mistake, apparently he soon changed his tune as business suddenly soared. People who were attracted by the strange sounding ad came out of curiosity and subsequently bought (presumably) shirts. Yes it seems you can win!

Many other examples were similarly recounted and the ladies were greatly amused. There were many relevant questions from the membership and we were encouraged, by the work of the press, to bring to readers’ attention local issues of interest.

We were reminded that we make the news and we can change issues and public opinion through the support and help of our local paper.

We certainly appreciated Gary’s time – in his busy work schedule – and only hope that he will visit us again soon. His speaker’s raffle ticket produced a nice bottle of wine so we were pleased that he didn’t leave empty handed – a great and well appreciated presentation.

Jo Gatley gave our sincere vote of thanks to a generous and excellent speaker – thank you Gary.

We look forward to our next Speaker on Nov 6th - Gaenor Circus who will be presenting one of her beautiful flower demonstrations for us; which should result in a multitude of floral, raffle prizes.

Report and picture contributed by Russ Fry.