Enjoy a safe winter

WITH the festive season in full swing, residents are being offered winter-wise advice to keep themselves and their valuables safe whilst having fun.

Top tips from the Horsham District Community Safety Partnership for partying safely include:

• Those going to Christmas parties should plan how they are going to get home, including keeping enough money for the end of the night, pre-booking a licensed taxi or knowing the time of the last train or bus

• Drinking should be paced and consuming soft drinks between alcoholic ones will help to prevent a hangover

• Party goers should ensure they know their limits. If a person drinks too much, too quickly, it will cause them to lose control and make them much more vulnerable to accident and injury or to becoming involved in a fight.

• It is important for friends to stick together. Friends should look after each other and ensure that others should not go off with someone they have just met or don’t know and trust.

• People should avoid walking home if possible and never walk alone.

• Those driving the next day after drinking should be aware that they may still be over the limit. Leave the journey as late as possible or find other transport.

The Partnership is also issuing advice about shopping.

“People should be particularly safety conscious when out and about Christmas shopping,” said Greg Charman, Community Safety Manager at Horsham District Council.

“Christmas shoppers should ensure that no bags and other valuables are left on display in their car.

“At this time of year thieves also target large crowds of people in busy shopping areas. Shoppers should make sure that their purse or wallet is safely inside their bag and ensure that it is kept with them at all times. Don’t give criminals the opportunity to ruin your Christmas.”

For anyone who wants to find out more about keeping safe over the Christmas holidays, the Horsham District Community Safety Partnership has opened a Safety Shop in Swan Walk Shopping Centre, Horsham, opposite Marks and Spencer’s. Here, visitors will be able to speak to representatives about preventing burglaries, preventing house fires and responsible drinking over the holidays.