End of an ‘exceptional’ year for Speakers Club

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Horsham Speakers Club is breaking for the summer at the end of an exceptional season.

One of the biggest clubs in the national organisation, the Association of Speakers Clubs, the club is known for its friendly and relaxed atmosphere and welcomes speakers from the most nervous and lacking in confidence to the most experienced and professional.

Highlights of this season include:

n Record membership thanks to eight new members joining – making a total membership of 32 and an average of 20 members attending each meeting.

n Six members achieving their Interim Certificate of Achievement (Level 5) award and 2 members achieving their Certificate of Achievement (Level 10), both certificates benchmarking the speakers’ improvement and development of certain skills.

n Four members making progress towards their Advanced Certificate.

n Hosting the HSC Annual Club speaking competitions, with winning members going on to participate in the Association of Speakers Clubs (ASC) South Area competition, and eventually reaching the national semi-finals.

n Visits and educational sessions from the ASC National President, William Warren and other expert guests, including sessions on speech construction.

A wonderful evening at the HSC Annual Dinner at the Ghyll Manor Hotel, Rusper.

n HSC member and ex-ASC National President, Gwyn Redgers, publishing his book ‘My Speaking Journey’.

n Welcoming our youngest speaker to date –10 year-old Greta Pitts.

The club have some big plans for the 2016/17 season, including a refresh of its website and the organisation of two Club social evenings for the summer.

As well as the usual busy programme of speeches, impromptu speaking and educational sessions, HSC is also hosting the ASC 2017 National Conference at the Gatwick Hilton in April 2017.

The club will reconvene for its first meeting of the new season on Tuesday September 13.

John Egan, President of Horsham Speakers Club, said:

“As the Club continues to go from strength to strength, we look forward to welcoming more visitors and members who love or loathe public speaking and are seeking to improve their skills in a fun and supportive environment. The 2016 / 17 season is set to be our best yet.”.

For more information visit www.horshamspeakers.org.uk or email club membership secretary Lucy Pitts at horshamspeakers@gmail.com