Enchanting day as little legs compete

Sports day at Anne Frank Montessori, Horsham. Photos by Dennison Studios
Sports day at Anne Frank Montessori, Horsham. Photos by Dennison Studios

The clouds threatened but teachers, children and (Grand)parents/friends alike paid no attention as picnic blankets, along with an array of picnic paraphenalia, mats and other sports day necessities were spread over the bank of Bennetts Field in front of the Anne Frank Montessori Horsham setting on July 4.

We parents were enchanted to see the children aged between two and four file orderly (really.... our children?!) out of the school holding on to what transpired to be two colourful parachutes for them to sit on. The races were split girls/boys and in ages, allowing for little and not quite so little legs to compete.

Pigtails and caps flying as we cheered our little ones on. Some of them - obviously Sports Day veterans aged four - stopping in the right place and then returning to the start as instructed, others not quite getting the ‘finish’ right - my own son included - but this added to the excitement of the children and the delight and humour of the spectators.

Parents were encouraged to join in with cup and ball races with their youngsters, along with an all children/parent race at the end, leaving many parents puffing and virtually everyone laughing their heads off!

After some boy/parent and girl/parent team games and brilliant parachute games - where sadly we parents were not supposed to be the ones under the billowing parachutes - all the children were presented with wonderful medals to wear and then take home to display. Happily the rain stayed away and the sun finally emerged just in time for our picnics. Thank you all for a fun and very enjoyable sports day.

Contributed on behalf of Anne Frank Montessori nursery school