ELECTION: Tories maintain grip with landslide win

THE Counting is over and as accurately predicted by the West Sussex County Times the local Conservatives stormed to a landslide victory across the Horsham district.

The resounding win has brought the Conservative’s one of their strongest ever majorities on Horsham District Council.

The Lib Dem’s presence in the chamber has been slashed to eight councillors.

The triumphant Tories won a total of 34 seats with the Lib Dems emerging from the fight with just eight councillors and the remaining two seats will be occupied by Independents.

The Lib Dems were routed by Tory insurgents in Roffey South Ward where councillor Pat Rutherford was defeated. In place sit two Tory councillors, Roy Cornell, who retained his seat, and Simon Torn.

Another senior Lib Dem councillor Belinda Walters also fell victim to the onslaught in Holbrook West, where two Conservative councillors ousted her to take control of the ward.

But in Broadbridge Heath Ward the Lib Dems managed to cling on with a slim majority of just six votes. Tory Linda Pettitt received 385 votes and Lib Dem Malcolm Curnock won with just 391.

The full make-up of the council’s 44 seats across 22 wards will now be 34 Conservative councillors and eight Lib Dems and two Independents.

The national political narrative has played out locally ensuring a tough time for the Lib Dems.

Horsham District Council has turned a deeper shade of blue with the Tories maintaining their sizeable majority and halving the numbers of their Lib Dem counterparts.

Before polling day the council consisted of 29 Conservatives, 13 Lib Dems and two Independents.

Two weeks before the polls opened Tory councillor for Cowfold Ian Shepherd sensationally defected to the Liberals.

He went on to stand for the Lib Dems in Itchingfield, Slinfold and Warnham which meant he was standing against his former Conservative leader and leader of the council Robert Nye.

Our reporters were at the count all afternoon and brought readers live updates on our special election blog.

For a full round-up, reaction and analysis of today’s election pick up Thursday’s West Sussex County Times.

Here are today’s results in full:

Nuthurst Ward (One seat)

Adam Bufton (UKIP) 135

Duncan England (Con) 862 elected

Peter Mullarky (LDem) 258

Steyning Ward (Two seats)

David Barling (Con) 961

Antony Bignell (Lab) 274

George Cockman (Ind) 1,406 elected

Nick Hopkinson (LDem) 857

Sue Rogers (Con) 1,059 elected

Trafalgar Ward (Two seats)

Claire Bridgewell (UKIP) 162

Keith Bridgeman (Con) 895

Christine Costin (LDem) 1,210 elected

Leonard Crosbie (LDem) 1,116 elected

Alexandra Davis (Lab) 239

Nicholas Fitter (Green) 144

Stacey Frier (Green) 144

Matt Gaffar (Con) 671

Jacqueline Little (Lab) 192

Horsham Park Ward (Three seats)

Jonathan Austin (Lab) 499

Jim Duggan (Peace) 266

Frances Haigh (LDem) 785 elected

Carol Hayton (Lab) 507

David Hide (Lab) 437

David Holmes (Ldem) 876 elected

Josh Murphy (Con) 798 elected

Roberto Nacci (LDem) 564

Lauren Proctor (Con) 759

Connor Relleen (Con) 712

Nigel Smith (UKIP) 240

Roffey South Ward (Two seats)

Raymond Battersby (Lab) 297

Jack Buck (UKIP) 218

Roy Cornell (Con) 934 elected

Pat Rutherford (LDem) 625

Simon Torn (Con) 914 elected

Itchingfield, Slinfold and Warnham (Two seats)

Robert Nye (Con) - 1303 elected

Justin Pickard (Green) - 356

Ian Shepherd (L Dem) - 569

George Tribe (UKIP) - 276

Tricia Youtan (Con) - 898 elected

Roffey North Ward (Two Seats)

Nicholas Butler (L Dem) - 748

Helena Croft (Con) - 999 elected

Nicholas Field (Lab) - 324

Mikko Figura (Con) - 694

Mike Rowlands (UKIP) - 273

David Skipp (L Dem) - 932 elected

Southwater Ward (Three Seats)

Alan Belmore (L Dem) - 666

Bryan Bufton (UKIP) - 495

John Chidlow (Con) - 1,721 elected

Ian Howard (Con) - 1,857 elected

Peter Stainton (L Dem) - 1,073

Kirsten Turner (L Dem) - 834

Claire Vickers (Con) - 1,806 elected

Billingshurst and Shipley Ward (Three Seats)

John Box (Lab) 421

Adam Breacher (Con) 1,467 elected

David Duke (UKIP) 561

Graham Harper (UKIP) 441

Gillian Knight (LDem) 568

Erica Lee (LDem) 414

Gordon Lindsay (Con) 1,414 elected

Rog Margetts (Ind) 409

Keith Maslin (Lab) 351

Doug Rands (UKIP) 601

Kate Rowbottom (Con) 1,360 elected

Philip Seth (LDem) 385

Chanctonbury Ward (Three Seats)

Roger Arthur (Con) 1,789 elected

Philip Circus (Con) 1,851 elected

David Jenkins (Con) 1,786 elected

Richard Martin (LDem) 550

Susan Shord (Lab) 427

Jean Westrip (UKIP) 414

Chantry Ward (Three Seats)

Hugh Addy (LDem) 836

Margaret Cornwell (Lab) 661

Ray Dawe (Con) 2,495 elected

Chris Mason (Con) 2,507 elected

Jim Sanson (Con) 2,265 elected

Peter Westrip (UKIP) 592

Henfield Ward (Two Seats)

Mark Boorsma (Lab) 262

Matthew Brookbank (Ind) 428

Sheila Matthews (Ind) 1,133 elected

Brian O’Connell (Con) 986 elected

Andrew Sharp (LDem) 398

Rusper and Colgate (One Seat)

Stuart Aldridge (UKIP) 109

Liz Kitchen (Con) 713 elected

Tony Millson (LDem) 156

Forest Ward (One Seat)

Harry Aldridge (UKIP) 78

Josephine Battersby (Lab) 121

Godfrey Newman (LDem) 967 elected

David Scozzafava Con) 667

Woodmancote Ward (Two Seats)

Stuart Bower (UKIP) 212

David Coldwell (Con) 938 elected

Jim Goddard (Con) 974 elected

Adrian Norridge (Lab) 236

Andrew Purches (LDem) 770

Jessica Sproxton-Miller (LDem) 518

Broadbridge Heath Ward (One Seat)

Raymond Chapman (Lab) 164

Malcolm Curnock (LDem) 391 elected

Valerie Gray (UKIP) 91

Linda Pettitt (Con) 385

Cowfold, Shermanbury and West Grinstead (Two seats)

Jonathan Chowen (Con) 1,242 elected

Paul Dittmer (LDem) 628

Andrew Dunlop (Con) 1,127 elected

Denne Ward (Two seats)

Martin Bridewell (UKIP) 218

Laurence Deakins (Con) 854 elected

Jane Field (Lab) 309

Alessandro Mancini (LDem) 588

David Sheldon (LDem) 816 elected

Ronald Vimpany (Con) 630

Holbrook West Ward (Two seats)

Peter Burgess (Con) 1,174 elected

Sheila Chapman (Lab) 283

Christian Mitchell (Con) 1,151 elected

Valerie Newman (LDem) 547

Belinda Walters (LDem) 541

Sally Wilkins (UKIP) 158

Nuthurst Ward (One seat)

Adam Bufton (UKIP) 135

Duncan England (Con) 862 elected

Peter Mullarky (LDem) 258

Pulborough and Coldwaltham (Two seats)

Peter Alison (Green) 368

Jill Allen (Lab) 240

Brian Donnelly (Con) 1,329 elected

Peter Lee (UKIP) 323

Roger Paterson (Con) 1,273 elected

Susan Stokes (LDem) 269

John Wallace (UKIP) 241

Rudgwick Ward (One seat)

John Bailey (Con) 662 elected

Laurence Price (LDem) 229

Geoff Stevens (UKIP) 200

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