ELECTION 2015: Horsham - Jim Rae (independent)

Jim Rae independent Horsham (submitted). SUS-150414-094758001
Jim Rae independent Horsham (submitted). SUS-150414-094758001

I have lived in Horsham with my wife Shirley for the last 23 years, I am both a Horsham District and a West Sussex County Councillor.

For the last twenty years I have been heavily involved in the protection of Horsham’s environment and the 
day to day lives of its residents.

I see my strengths as being a truly local candidate, a candidate with an in-depth knowledge of local issues, I am well connected to work with all tiers of local government and 
I am a candidate with a proven track record of finding realistic and achievable solutions to 
local issues.

If elected I pledge to 
work tirelessly to gain the best outcomes for the residents of Horsham constituency.

As an Independent I am able to speak out against the gross unfairness of the NPPF and the adverse effect that it is having upon our community, I will work hard to support agencies to capture the level of community benefits residents so correctly demand.

Unfortunately Horsham will be faced by many local social, environmental and financial issues arising from the housing pressures created by the NPPF such as, highly congested roads, the need for more schools and far better medical services, deteriorating air quality; Horsham also faces the threat of an expanded Gatwick which I am totally against.

Local issues need 
local solutions, those can only be captured by local candidate who is prepared to focus his energies on Horsham’s issues not on climbing Westminster’s power ladder.