Elderly motorist shocks onlookers by driving through pedestrian Horsham town centre street

Lost in Horsham.
Lost in Horsham.

Onlookers were shocked as an elderly motorist drove through the pedestrianised part of the Bishopric this afternoon (Wednesday June 26).

Driving a green car, the woman drove towards the Shelley Fountain in Horsham town centre from Springfield Road, curving around the landscaping near McDonalds, before exiting over the pedestrian crossing on to Albion Way.

Belinda Grover, owner of Identity Hair Salon in the Bishopric, said: “I thought ‘that’s a big buggy’! We came running out because we are always aware of things that go on. I was going to stop her but she just kept on going.”

Asked if it was the strangest thing she had seen out of her shop window, she said: “I think that is probably top of our agenda. It is quite serious, but it is hilarious. We are all shocked.”

Uramila Amin, Horsham News: “That is not right, in case there are children there. There could have been children in the way, or old people, or people in wheelchairs.”