Watch pupils celebrate at the St John's School International Festival

Students at St John’s Catholic Primary School in Horsham held an International Festival on July 19 to celebrate the diverse range of languages and cultures in their school.

In the morning pupils tasted a variety of international foods from countries such as Uganda, Greece, Hungary and more.

Pupils performing at the festival

Pupils performing at the festival

The tables were laid out with flags and souvenirs from their host countries to give pupils a flavour of more than just the food.

Having had a taste of worldwide cuisine, in the afternoon the children sang songs from across the globe, celebrating the diversity of their school and learning about foreign cultures.

Sophie Curtis, EAL leader and international coordinator, thought the performances were 'superb'.

She said: "Huge thanks to all the parents and children who helped.

"What a brilliant way to finish the school year!"

The pupils sang in a range of languages including Irish, Swahili, Polish and Filipino.

They also completed dance routines from Greece and India.