TEACHER STRIKES: Are you being affected by strikes in the Horsham district?


At least 19 schools in the Horsham district have been affected by teacher strike action today (Thursday October 17).

As a result, thousands of parents are having to make alternative childcare plans today.

A teacher at a local school has responded to comments criticising teachers on the County Times’ website.

Gray Panton said: “I love my job, but I do have to justify giving myself one day off per weekend just to focus on me.

“Even then I go through the guilt of potentially letting my students, colleagues, leaders and parents down because I wanted to go to the cinema or see my parents for an afternoon.

“The contributor (criticising teachers) should come and share a day with a teacher which on average starts at 7am and goes through to 10pm, dealing with assessment, developing new teaching ideas, behaviour management and inspiring young people in the classroom.”

Are you a parent that has been affected by the strikes? How have you coped with it - are you taking a day off work?

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