Students quiz presenters and enjoy various activities at Sky TV studios

Collyer's students at the Sky Academy Careers Lab
Collyer's students at the Sky Academy Careers Lab

Collyer’s media and film studies students attended a full training day at Sky TV studios in Isleworth, West London recently.

A key focus of the day was on careers and students quizzed popular and talented Sky journalist Harriet Hadfield and famous presenter and all round boxing personality Spencer Fearon about their media careers and how they got started in their line of work.

Students were given iPads and a series of business tasks to perform. In teams, they generated ideas pitched those ideas back to Sky’s professional programme makers. They also toured the studios, saw the inner workings of Sky Sports and undertook business challenges.

Subject leader for media, Jonathan Nunns was absolutely delighted: “Our wonderful students did Collyer’s and Horsham proud! They projected themselves as charismatic, ambitious and creative – I’m so proud of them! We are massively grateful to Sky for this wonderful opportunity!”

Activities throughout a packed day included costing and scheduling Sky entertainment content for a holiday weekend and producing an advertising and sponsorships plan for Sky Sports. At the end of the process the teams pitched their ideas to the Sky tutors running the event.

Assistant Principal Melanie Russell was thrilled: “Big thanks to our very own Jonathan Nunns and the media and film studies teachers for their hard work and support. We are lucky to have a team of such talented teachers and technicians. These students performed exceptionally well at Sky and many have very bright futures ahead of them in the creative arts industry.”

Collyer’s senior tutor responsible for the Progression Directorate, Ian McAlister, said: “It’s been a busy year of ‘Planning Your Future’ activities and this is another great careers event which is really helping our students to shape their futures. The media and film team are excellent.”

Jonathan Nunns added: “Sky’s training team were clearly very impressed with the quality of logical thinking, organisation, and creativity of the Collyer’s students. The students were also given the opportunity to apply to Sky for work experience with a view to future apprenticeships, which is just fantastic!”