Students inspired by business people

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Collyer’s students enjoyed presentations from a host of inspiring speakers who gave advice about how to prepare for the world of work.

The talks are part of the college’s “Planning Your Future” initiative and gave students an insight into the real world of careers, business and employability skills.

The event was set up by Working Options, a non-profit organisation, which aims to help students succeed in their career after education.

Key business leaders spoke about their career path since leaving college, what they saw as the defining moments and how what would naturally be perceived as ‘setbacks’ actually contributed to their success and led them to where they are today.

Lucy Hargreaves from the college’s Progression Directorate, who coordinated the event, said: “Our motivational speakers were truly inspiring. They are all great supporters of Collyer’s and have kindly given time and energy to help the next generation.”

More than students and their teachers volunteered to attend the event, demonstrating a proactive attitude in learning new skills and preparing for the future.

The expert motivational speakers were: Lauren Monk (Working Options), Lee Willett (Marketing Director, Dairy Crest), James Millward (Managing Director, Eurilait) and Honza Dusanek (Tesco & Ecommerce Director, Nestle).

Student Eva Ensing said: “I’ve now got the reassurance and knowledge that there are other options available to me and have a clear idea of the skills required.”

Fellow students Isla Holden and Bradley Townsend also enjoyed the event. Isla said: “This has been a great session and a good way of finding out about how to get into marketing.”

Bradley added: “I now know that this is about so much more than just grades. Real world experience and a positive attitude are equally as important and valuable.”

Ian McAlister, Senior Tutor at Collyer’s was delighted: “I was incredibly proud to see the students take the event so seriously. Huge thanks must go to the presenters. The session was also well supported by Collyer’s teachers and organised brilliantly by Lucy Hargreaves from the college’s Progression Directorate.”

Principal Sally Bromley, who introduced the event, said: “Huge thanks to Lucy, Lauren, Lee, James and Honza for making today possible. I was also impressed by the strong student turn-out and their willingness to actively take notes and learn from our visiting experts.”