Steyning Grammar sixth formers and Jolesfield Primary pupils join forces to learn more about French life

Steyning Grammar and Jolesfield pupils at French day
Steyning Grammar and Jolesfield pupils at French day
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A little bit of France came to England when the pupils at Jolesfield Primary School, Partridge Green, thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity not only to practise their spoken French but also to learn more about French life and culture in an authentic setting.

The school hall was set up as a French town with shops selling a range of goods including bread, meat, fruit and vegetables. Pupils had to shop and pay for everything on their lists in French and once the task was completed they were able to take a break at a French café.

The roles of the shopkeepers were played by sixth form college students from Steyning Grammar School who are studying for the International Baccalaureate and who pride themselves on taking part in community initiatives.

The event was organised by Mrs Anne-Marie Palmer, the coordinator for French at Jolesfield School who had worked closely with Katie Brownings, subject team leader for French at Steyning. All pupils entered fully into the spirit of the afternoon which was an unmitigated success.

Special thanks have to go to Tesco and Sainsbury’s who supplied the real French food and drink for the café.