Pupils celebrate love of reading

JPCT-01-03-12  Wisborough Green school -some of the children who dressed up for Book Day S12100154a -photo by Steve Cobb
JPCT-01-03-12 Wisborough Green school -some of the children who dressed up for Book Day S12100154a -photo by Steve Cobb

OLIVER Twist, Red Riding Hood, princesses and wizards popped up across the district last week as pupils dressed up to celebrate World Book Day.

In an age when books seem to be going out of fashion the younger generation showed that their love of reading is very much alive.

Children at Arunside Primary School in Horsham’s Blackbridge Lane dressed up in their favourite hats pupils from all years came together and shared stories, rhymes and poems with other year groups.

Headteacher Mrs Slight said: “Raising the profile of the joy of books can bring was so important today.

“Children excitedly discussed a range or favourite characters on books showcased by an amazing array of hats.”

There was an eclectic mix of modern and traditional characters at independent Farlington School at Broadbridge Heath as pupils and staff dressed up as Oliver Twist, Wee Willie Winkie, Red Riding Hood, Harry Potter and The Cat in the Hat to name but a few.

Prep school headteacher Joy Baggs said it was wonderful to see the girls show their love of reading

She said: “Reading is a vital skill. You need it for everything. It doesn’t matter what job you choose, or what path you follow, you are always going to need to read.”

Prizes were awarded in a parade after morning assembly. Various activities were run throughout the fun-packed day and before home time all the girls were able to choose a free book, courtesy of WH Smith, Cranleigh, using their £1 token.

Pupils at Wisborough Green Primary School took part in a sponsored reading challenge, in association with Usborne Books where every pupil was asked to record how much time they spend reading over a seven-day period.

On top of the amount raised, Usborne will then give the school up to 60 per cent in free books. Usborne Books at Home organiser Nicki Ramplin is running the initiative to get the children excited about reading.

She said: “Apart from the obvious, there are many different types of reading material such as a recipe, instruction to a game or a magazine.”

Each class competed to raise the most money and the winning class will be rewarded with some additional books for their classroom.

Children at Castlewood School in Southwater used their imaginations and dressed up as a character they created themselves.

Some wrote an autobiography some children wrote an autobiography, others wrote a character study and Year 3 wrote a story incorporating all the characters from the class.

Julia Slocombe, headteacher, said: “It was wonderful to see the children’s imagination at work and to see what fantastic characters they came up with. Maybe we have a few future authors in our midst.”