Nursery labelled ‘inadequate’ in March inspection

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A nursery in the Horsham area has been judged ‘inadequate’ by the education inspection body Ofsted, two years after it was described as ‘good’ by the organisation.

A report published in April said that Warnham Pre-School, which is a registered charity and is run by volunteers from a parent committee, has ‘insufficient interesting adult-led activities that keep children’s attention’.

It also criticised staff for ‘not taking a consistent approach to managing children’s behaviour’, and for ‘not persisting in talking to parents about concerns where children are not reaching expected levels of development’.

A statement released by the pre-school said: “We are working with all relevant parties and dealing directly with parents on the report accordingly.”

The school operates from the village hall in Hollands Way, Warnham, and has been serving the community since 1978.

It provides learning opportunities for children aged two and upwards and caters for up to 24 children a session.

The inspector, who visited the school in March, also noted that ‘the outside area is poorly equipped’, ‘children’s progress is not monitored sufficiently’ and ‘evaluation processes are ineffective’.

However, the report did praise the ‘caring approach’ of staff, and stated that ‘children settle easily into the provision and develop confidence and independence’ there.

It also noted that staff ‘conduct good risk assessments to maintain children’s security’.