Lions launch swimming competition

THE Horsham Lions Club is inviting young people to enter a swimming contest with the chance to raise money for their schools or clubs.

Following the recent success of a similar youth project, the Lions are hosting a ‘swimarathon’ is planning for Sunday February 19 2012 and they have invited 100 school and youth organisations to take part.

Each team must have six swimmers and a non-swimming captain and they must get sponsorship based on the number of 25 metres lengths the team can achieve in 55 minutes.

Entry is limited to 32 teams and places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

There is no entry fee, but any money raised at the event will be split equally between The Horsham Lions 2012 Charity Project providing defibrillators for three schools and the participating schools and youth organisations for their own projects.

A spokesperson for the Horsham Lions said: “The idea of providing defibrillators for local schools came about after a Lion member read an article about the death of a young healthy boy on the school playing field. Medical help was too late to restart his heart.

“This sudden death syndrome is disproportionately common among young people and post-mortem examination showed no medical reason for the failure. Prompt action would have resuscitated him.

“By having a defibrillator on site, youngsters in the ‘at risk’ age group will be protected. Each defibrillator will cost around £1,500 and will be installed at Millais, Forest and Tanbridge Schools.”

Anyone wishing to enter a team, an application form and other background information is available from the Horsham Lions website