Horsham schoolboys meet Schools Minister

Edwin Wraith, a student at Horsham's Forest School, talks to Schools Minister Nick Gibb.
Edwin Wraith, a student at Horsham's Forest School, talks to Schools Minister Nick Gibb.

Two high-achieving Year 9 pupils from Horsham’s Forest School met Schools Minister Nick Gibb and renowned scientist Lord Robert Winston when they spent the day at Imperial College in London.

Edwin Wraith and Finn Charlton, both aged 14, were recognised for their outstanding achievement as part of the National Dux Award Scheme, which acknowledges and rewards high performing pupils in the science subjects. 

The scheme aims to encourage higher aspirations by inviting high-performing pupils across the country to visit a Russell Group university where they can gain invaluable hands-on research experience.

Mrs Green, Forest science teacher, said: “Edwin and Finn were selected from a group of our many high achieving Year 9 boys for their exceptional talent and their commitment to their learning.”

The pair spent the day taking part in in hands-on lab-based activities developed by the college’s research groups to demonstrate the technologies behind Green Energy sources, including hydrogen fuel cells and carbon capture and storage solutions.

Both pupils felt it had been a fantastic opportunity. “It was great to learn about cutting edge technology and to carry out experiments that we wouldn’t get the opportunity to do in school” said Edwin.

Finn added “As part of the award we also get a year’s free subscription to a Gifted and Talented website. This is an excellent learning resource for us and gives us the opportunity to connect with other talented science students across the country.”

Forest headteacher Siobhan Denning added: “This was a wonderful opportunity for Edwin and Finn, and shows the support that is on offer at Forest for our outstanding pupils.”