GCSEs: Pleasing year of results at Forest School

From left Hugo Cowan, Joe Moss, Ben Cripps, Patrick Clouden
From left Hugo Cowan, Joe Moss, Ben Cripps, Patrick Clouden

It was another pleasing year of results at Forest School in Horsham as pupils picked up their GCSE grades this morning.

Students were celebrating as they opened their envelops at the school earlier today with many pupils achieving grades higher than the national average.

83 per cent of pupils attained five A* to C grades, with 67 per cent achieving five A* to C grades in subjects including English and Maths.

Overall nearly a quarter of all the schools results were A* or A grades and six pupils also managed to achieved grades at AS level.

Julius Granville-Smith, 16, from Roffey, achieved 12 A*/A grades. He said: “The exams went really well. I was pleased with what I got. I was surprised with a couple of them but the hard work really paid off.”

Julius’ brother Louis also achieved 12 A*/ A grades. He said: “Everybody is really proud of what I have got. I was a bit worried about them but that was only in the last couple of days. It feels good now I have got them out of the way.”

Both boys plan to go on and study at The College of Richard Collyer.

Headteacher Siobhan Denning said: “We are extremely proud of our pupils’ achievements. The results this year are significantly above the national figures released so far. It was lovely to be in school this morning and watch the pleasure and delight in our pupils’ faces as they opened their envelopes and read their results.

“There were so many happy faces and it was wonderful to see so many staff in school to I’m especially pleased with our English results. Early indications show that nationally the pass figure has dropped by 2 percentage points to 62 per cent, our boys achieved 70 per cent, a great achievement.

“I am delighted that the hard work, commitment and dedication of our pupils and staff, along with the support of parents, have been rewarded. At Forest we strive to challenge pupils and provide an environment where boys really can learn best. Our results this year show that boys continue to do very well at Forest.”

17 pupils also managed to achieve ten or more A*/A results. Julius and brother Louis along with Cavan Ferguson, Omer Selcuk and Jacob Young all achieved 12 or more grades at A*/A.

Finn, 15, achieved 13 A*/A. He said: “I am pretty relived with my results. I did work hard to get them and I think it paid off. I am really happy and I can go home and relax now.”

Alex Glossop, Jack Mallows, Freddie Seagrave and Edwin Wraith achieved 14 A*/A grades.

Freddie, 16, said: “The results were just dapper. I got all my A* which is decent. I did a lot of revision and I am really happy with them.”

Omer Seluck, 16, from Horsham said: “I am really happy with them. To be honest I did a lot of revision the night before the exams so I was a bit lucky to get these results. But I’m really happy I got what i would have liked.”

Omer’s brother Mustafa, 18, was with him when he collected his results. He said: “I am very proud of him. For the work he has put in I am proud of what he has got.”

Cliff Purvis, Chair of Forest School governors said: “I am very pleased with the results and the boys should be extremely proud of their achievements. Our pupils, their parents and the staff at the school are to be congratulated on another pleasing year of results.”

There were also pupils from year 10 picking up early GCSE results from exams they had taken this year.

Oscar Rhodes, 15,from Horsham said; “I am really happy with my results. I got better grades than I expected. I put in quite a bit of effort and I feel I got what I deserved.”