Chance to meet Chris Jarvis

CBEEBIES presenter Chris Jarvis will be meeting young viewers on Monday during a touring show coming to Horsham’s Capitol.

Chris will be at the theatre with fellow CBeebies presenter Pui Fan Lee – in their ‘Chris and Pui Roadshow 2012’.

As Chris is a supporter and patron of Horsham-based international wildlife charity the Born Free Foundation and helped to launch the charity’s kids’ club ‘WildcreW’ last year, ‘WildcreW’ mascot Roary will be visiting the theatre on Monday too to say hello to Chris and meet kids.

Children can come along to the theatre, watch the exciting show, have their picture taken with Roary and sign up to the free kids’ club.

WildcreW is a new online club that gives kids worldwide the chance to learn more about the fascinating world of wildlife; with fun facts, stunning animal pictures, interactive games and hundreds of real-life stories about Born Free’s rescued animals.

When ‘WildcreW’ was launched back in October, Chris was proud to be a part of the club,

“What an honour and how exciting to be involved with Born Free’s Kids Club,” he said. “It’s a great way to learn about the importance of wildlife around the world.

“From the big response so far, it’s reassuring to see that young people are so switched on about all this - perhaps more than any generation before them. I’m looking forward to finding out more about WildcreW too!”

The web-based WildcreW is suitable for children under 13 years of age, and is both educational and wildly entertaining.

Every child that signs up to the club will receive their own certificate of membership, access to a gallery of downloadable animal images and a quarterly WildcreW e-newsletter, containing lots of amazing facts, information, stories, activities and cool wild stuff!

To find out more about WildcreW and to sign up, visit