Career advice with a twist as pupils experience dream jobs

Tanbridge pupils on the Ambassadors Programme
Tanbridge pupils on the Ambassadors Programme

Despite the best efforts of their schools, many young people end their education without knowing what they want to do for a career.

Tanbridge House School’s Ambassadors Programme takes a different approach to traditional career advice.

The Horsham school’s scheme offers Year Seven students the opportunity to spend a day working in their dream job, to see what it is actually like.

Six children have taken part in the project in recent months, with one more experience in the coming school year.

In June, aspiring drummer Peter Thomas joined the cast of world famous West End show STOMP.

Attending the show at the Ambassadors Theatre in London as a VIP guest, Peter then joined cast members Andy Patrick and James Lane on stage for a jamming session.

Peter said: “Andy and James gave me great advice on how to warm up and practice and suggested some incredible drummers that I should be watching for inspiration.”

Staying on a musical theme, Lawrence Schofield spent a day with elite musicians at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London.

He said: “It was so good - the band was so friendly and great fun. I joined in as best I could, although some of it was quite tricky.”

Sarah Michalski and Megan Bates became possibly the youngest teachers in the country when they visited Portfield Primary School in Chichester.

The pair helped with teaching for Year Two and Year Five pupils and were mentored by head teacher Daryl Power, who said ‘they will make excellent teachers’ in the future.

In July, Louise Grant experienced her dream job when she joined hair salon Coco’s for a day.

Louise commented “I got a real feel for all of the different responsibilities a junior hair dresser has to take on. I can’t wait to become a real hair & beauty specialist now.”

And Anisha Wakefield, who is determined to become an engineer in the future, joined defence specialists Thales in Crawley last month.

Anisha had a schedule full of presentations and tours, and conducted an interview with Thales employee Sam Turner about what it takes to become an engineer.

Kenneth McCartney, head of industrial operations at Thales, said: “Anisha impressed us all with her natural skill for engineering and I am sure she will make an excellent engineer once she is older.”

The programme will continue into the next school year, when Ellie Clark will become a solicitor at Coole and Haddock in Horsham, where she will learn what she needs to do to become a solicitor.

By giving pupils an opportunity to experience their dream job, Tanbridge House helps youngsters with a tough career choice from an early age.

Now in its fifth year, the Ambassadors Programme potentially gives talented students a taste of things to come.