A-LEVELS: Cranleigh head hails ‘tremendous’ pupils

Cranleigh School. A.Levals. L - R Jack Hall. Henry Taylor. Ellie Stonell. Peter Westcott.
Cranleigh School. A.Levals. L - R Jack Hall. Henry Taylor. Ellie Stonell. Peter Westcott.

Despite the national press publicity that A-level grades would not go up this year, the top year of pupils at Horseshoe Lane’s Cranleigh School achieved their best ever set of A-level grades.

55 per cent of all the A-levels taken were passed at A grade, with over 80 per cent at A or B grade – and a record-breaking 18 per cent passed at the top A* grade.

Well over half of the year group of 118 achieved at least two A grades, nearly 40 pupils managed at least three, and some managed significantly more than that.

12 pupils managed at least two A* grades, and some exceeded that, with Henry Harrod, Jonny Pullar and Peter Thompson scoring three A*s, George Colgan four, and Peter’s twin brother James Thompson pulling off a remarkable five A* grades.

Cranleigh head Guy Waller said: “It is a real credit to the splendid work-ethic and the friendly and mutually-supportive approach of this year group that they have achieved our best-ever A level results at Cranleigh School.

“It is naturally always very pleasing to note the raw statistics, and to remember what they mean in terms of league tables – for what league tables are worth - but all that’s very much of secondary significance.

“The key thing is what these grades mean individually for each pupil, for his or her prospects of success at university, or in the world of work: and these results certainly provide our younger pupils plenty to live up to in the coming years.”

“In just over two weeks’ time we’ll be back for the new school year, really encouraged by what the 2012 leavers achieved.

“They were a tremendous group of pupils – not just academically but in all the other things we value at Cranleigh, such as sport and the Arts - and we will certainly miss them.”